Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A little experiment

Just a trial of some new software my web-people (Sequence) have developed, to make site creation easy. They asked me to try it out so I thought I'd have a go at creating some new mini-sites for TRIP. I've created six sites and added google ads - not sure what, if anything, will happen with these:

Cognitive behaviour therapy
Smoking cessation

The software Sequence have developed was certainly easy to use. Even though I only created a batch of one page sites I've started more complicated multi-page sites and that seems equally straightforward.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand what that mean exactly.
Could you possibly be thinking about a future implementation of those kind of one-subject-mini-site as a substitute for the former: "Clinical Areas" or "Clinical Reviews"?

Shall we find anything like the "Clinical Areas" or the "TRIP Reviews" in a near future, or those tools are now gone for ever?

jon said...

As you point out 'Clinical Areas' and 'TRIP Reviews' are currently not available. However, Clinical Areas (at least) are likely to return in the near future.

We removed the two services due to various pressures associated with going 'free' and with the re-design. The underlying software remains.

However, we're taking this time to decide exactely the format of the revised 'Clinical Areas', what areas to cover, etc.

No timescale as yet, but hopefully before the end of this year.