Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Formerly referred to as Socrates, the new project I'm working on is called Gwagle. Still a bit early to post details as they are still being finalised. But we've now secured the domain names - so can reveal the name at least.

The project is a combination of TRIP's skills in a few things clinical and Sequence's (the web people we use for TRIP) expertise in all things web. I have two formal meetings with third parties to gauge their reaction and take on board comments before a final specification meeting on the 4th December. After that the programming for Gwagle will commence. I'm hoping that things might actually be 'out there' on the web early 2007 (Feb/March).

But what is Gwagle about? It 'sort of' combines all the things we're into (e.g. search, Q&A) as well as a few broader concepts. If you know what Gwagle 'means' then you're a little further along the path of knowing what it's about!


Jack Yensen said...

I would like to know more about Gwagle. Is there a feed? It sounds like something I am trying to do, i.e. intelligent aggregation and distillation.


jon said...

Hi Jack,

We're still finalising the details so we're not wanting to promise too much. But it'll be very web 2.0, trying to engage with health professionals to 'enhance' content.

Sorry to be vague, that's for commercial reasons (even though it's a 'not for profit' venture. I'm very excited and want to talk to more people about it.

I'll post future comments via this blog.


Anonymous said...

Google may want to sue you for the name at some point... Choose a name that resembles Google to a lesser extent...

jon said...

I can see your point. I actually chose Gwagle as it's Welsh (all interested parties are based in Wales) for 'space' - we sort of captures what we're about. The resemblence to Google was only pointed out after the selection. Fingers crosssed!