Wednesday, November 15, 2006


At the weekend my broadband broke so I was left with my thoughts. On Sunday morning I has a 'Eureka' moment and worked for about 3 hours on a new project, codenamed 'Socrates'. I presented my work on Tuesday morning to a potential partner. Today they called me to say they were 'in'.

So work will start on Socrates almost immediately.

It's too soon to give out details and these will filter out, via this blog, over the coming months. But I'm hoping that it'll be released early 2007. It has the potential to be truly massive.

Watch this space.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, TRIP is a great resource, and I maintain a link to you in our SCIENCES links pages which may be of interest to TRIP users:

- the link is listed under 'Evidence Based Practice, Governance & Emerging Fields'.

Best wishes