Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Improvements to TRIP

We're preparing ourself for the next round of improvements on TRIP. We've got some ideas including:

  • Use RSS feeds
  • Introduce more web 2.0 ideas (allow people to comment on articles, rate them etc)
  • Try and grab the conclusion, clinical bottom lines from articles so they can be viewed from within TRIP - as opposed to clicking on the link.
  • Enhance the search algorithm to further improve it.
  • An Amazon style feature for each entry with something like "people who looked at this article also looked at...."
  • Improve the search relevancy

However, these are just some thoughts we're discussing. Here's your opportunity to help decide where to take TRIP. Just let us know what you'd like to see, new features, improvements etc. and we'll see what we can do. Contact us via this blog or the TRIP Database contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Richa said...

One improvement i would like to suggest...
1. should you allow people to suggest contend they would like add to TRIP database, i know it is difficult to encourage/motivate people to donate something to this free TRIP database, but you guys can give this option. As i feel there are lot of good people out there who would like to improve every noble effort, like yours...

As an incentive you can declare contributor of the month (considering the quality of content).

As a side affect you may get lot of junk entries, as well. A solution needs to be thought about it.

This effort may lead to a day when it will grow at much faster rate and cover much more diverse content.

jon said...

Thanks for the thoughts. Actually we hope to do something similar with our latest venture - Gwagle - which should be out (for alpha testing) by the middle of February. This will allow the large number of good people to help contribute to a greater good.



Dr. Richa said...

I am really interested to see gwagle go online.

If there is any help required in alpha/beta testing then i would definitely be more than happy to help.


ps; Jon, I am not sure whether my previous post is submitted correctly or not, hence submitting this again. If you got previous one then igonre this.