Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tagging takes off

A blog earlier this year highlighted an interesting article on the merits of tagging - focussed on accuracy. The article Patterns and Inconsistencies in Collaborative Tagging Systems: An Examination of Tagging Practices is well worth a read.

Hot on the heals of this is a BBC News article Tagging 'takes off for web users' which reports on the increased use of tagging by web-users.

Roll on Gwagle, shortly to hit the alpha-testing phase.

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Dr. Richa said...

I am thinking of another way of tagging like, what a student does when he/she reads physical
books, they underline important points, they add some comments by pen/pencil. These come handy
when they review and wants to go through the book quickly.

Similarly if one is reading books/journals/studies online and if they are able to do the same (underline, add comments)
then i think it would be great.

There is a pdf reader (foxit) which allows to do all these for offline pdf documents, and
i am finding it very helpful. Hope google hears this and comes out with some innovation on
these lines. This will also be a good push for