Monday, March 12, 2007

Gwagle goes alpha

For those of you interested (or bored) by my hints and comments about gwagle, well it's now moved to alpha testing. The site occupies the following URL and there is a fair bit of material to view.

However, a number of brave souls are being allowed to take part in Gwagle. We're looking principally for clinicians, although we're keen to have information specialists involved as well.

I use the term brave, as Gwagle is in alpha. For those of you not overly familiar with this phrase - it means first draft/a bit ropey/not properly designed! In short it's there for people to:

  • Play around with
  • Understand it
  • Break it
  • Think how to use it
  • Make suggestions
  • Not take things too seriously

If you're interested in taking part then let me know via the login/register form on the Gwagle site.

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Anonymous said...

Will do!