Monday, October 08, 2007

TRIP as a research tool

As mentioned in previous postings, it's always very nice to see TRIP being mentioned in research articles. Two recent examples being:

As a slight aside, but more good news for TRIP, we are getting very close to breaking the 150,000 searches per week.

Happy days


Martin said...

Well, the urology article does not mention how many articles were contributed bei TRIP.
Frankly, I don't see a role for TRIP in doing systematic searches for RCTs . I'd like to know how you see your role in that...

Anonymous said...

I can see 3 potential advantages of using TRIP to help underpin a systematic review.

1) In carrying out a SR it's useful to see if previous SRs have been published. TRIP contains a lot of SRs not in somewhere like medline.

2) If the searcher is using OVID that will not be as up to date as the pubmed interface we use.

3) I think TRIP could be seen as useful to locate any other material that might be deemed worthwhile.

The first one is a strong reason and the other two are more tenuous!


Martin said...

I can agree on you first point (that's why I like TRIP), but in a strict sense this has nothing to do with the systematic search.