Monday, February 09, 2009

New format for BMJ research articles in print

I'm very excited by this piece of news 'New format for BMJ research articles in print' which is announcing two abridged versions of BMJ articles:

  • PICO model. A 'classic' EBM method of structuring a clinical question (see this article on the CEBM site for further details) where P = patient, I = intervention, C = comparison and O = outcome.
  • Short cuts. Articles written by the BMJ itself.

I think both methods have merit, PICO as it structures the paper into a clinical question and answer and Short cuts as the BMJ take an independent view of the paper. The rapid responses are worth a read.

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Cristóbal Buñuel Álvarez said...

Clinical question is replacing the classic section of "objectives". The objective readed as clinical question with PICO's structure is more intuitive for busy doctors and also makes the article more attractive. Congratulations to BMJ. Many journals will continue its way.

Sorry for my horrible english :-)

Best wishes,

Cristóbal Buñuel

Editorial board "Evidencias en Pediatría"