Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The TRIP and Low Resource Initiative: Update

We launched the TRIP initiative to highlight content suitable for low-resource settings less than 3 weeks ago (click here).

I'm pleased to see that already 96 articles have been approved (clicked on twice!) to form a small sub-set of articles, this includes 20 systematic reviews and 6 guidelines. A sample of document is shown below.

You never know when you launch an initiative if it'll suceed. It's far too early to say if our 'low resource' initiative will - but we couldn't really have expected a better start.

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Gundu said...

Use of Intrarectal quinine VS IV quinine is a good choice for resource poor setting. Similarly sub lingual B12 will be a good choice. Fortification of foods with micronutrients also will be a better way of providing the people the require daily nutrients.
Gundu HR Rao
Professor, Founder South Asian Society on Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis. www.sasat.org