Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Top 30 consultations in primary care

I had the pleasure of attending the Evidence2010 conference.  One role I undertook was to tweet about the presentations, in a way sending a summary of the presentations.  One talk, by Paul Glasziou, highlighted the diversity of conditions a GP will see (compared with specialists). He reported that 30 'conditions' accounted for 50% of consultations.  A number of people wanted to see the 30 conditions and Paul has sent me a spreadsheet.  It's actually 32 (not 30), so here goes:

  1. Hypertension*
  2. Upper_respiratory_tract_infection
  3. Arthritis—all*
  4. Diabetes,_non-gestational*
  5. Depression*
  6. Lipid_disorders
  7. Osteoarthritis*
  8. Back_complaint*
  9. Immunisation—respiratory
  10. General_check-up*
  11. Asthma
  12. Oesophageal_disease
  13. Acute_bronchitis/bronchiolitis
  14. General_immunisation
  15. Contact_dermatitis
  16. Anxiety*
  17. Gastroenteritis*
  18. Female_check/papsmear*
  19. Sleep_disturbance
  20. Urinary_tract_infection*
  21. Sprain/strain*
  22. Medication/script
  23. Sinusitis
  24. Solar_keratosis/sunburn
  25. Cardiac_check-up*
  26. Ischaemic_heart_disease*
  27. Oral_contraception*
  28. Pregnancy*
  29. Malignant_neoplasm_skin
  30. Acute_otitis_media/myringitis
  31. Results_tests/procedures_NOS
  32. Viral_disease,_other/NOS
Interestingly (!) the top 10 account for 27%

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Anne Marie said...

Thanks! This looks like a classification of all consultations in primary care rather than just those with GPs. That would explain why flu vaccines makes it into the top 10. We don't have very many consultation to discuss flu vaccine with GPs... but lots of appointments with our nurses and HCAs to administer the vaccines. Still very useful!
I wonder about 'general check up'- a fair few of my consultations constitute 'medication reviews'.