Saturday, September 24, 2011

Broad versus specific information needs

One thing I'm wrestling with is the different types of information needs of clinicians.  I'm interested - at the moment - in two broad distinctions:
  • Broad - user typically wants background information e.g. eTextbook
  • Specific - user wants to answer a specific question e.g. what is the best antidepressant in pregnancy?
TRIP is set-up to answer specific questions.  While we have eTextbooks they appear lower down in the search results (as they are typically of lower quality) so, for a user to consistently see them, needs to click the eTextbook filter.

But can TRIP do more for Broad information needs? Are clinicians conscious of the differences; do they approach TRIP thinking 'I need background information?'.

Perhaps we need a prominent 'show background information' button?  Seems slightly clumsy to be, but plenty of time to ponder!

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Anne Marie said...

Hi Jon,
Related to broad narrow is common less common. Ideally when there are changes to protocols such as latest BHS guidance on hypertension in August, I might get a notification. I wouldn't think to check guidance on this as I already think I know it! Strangely I didn't see the treatment changes discussed on Twitter. I was going to suggest that might ne a way to identify the hot new topics... Eventually... Or TILT.
Otherwise the way that TRIP helps me gain quick access to Prodigy is perfect for me.
Hmm maybe prodigy could monitor guidance I check and then let me know when subsequently updated? All of this means that login should be necessary. Boone suggested that in survey?