Monday, September 12, 2011

An evidence-based TRIP?

This may seem a strange title as many of you will feel that TRIP is an evidence-based tool already.  Well, TRIP helps users find the best available evidence, I'm comfortable with that.  However, there is more to this than that....

Since the new interface/functionality went live I've been tidying up loose ends, fixing a few broken bits of functionality and looking forward to the next changes to TRIP.  This has coincided with a wonderful opportunity to get involved with a research grant that will explore creating a search interface based on academic theories around information gathering.  This will involve creating a series of interfaces which will then be tested with a group of clinicians.  So, we'll be doing research to explore various aspects of search interface design and results display.  We'll be creating an evidence-base for clinical search.

I've no idea if we'll get funding but the person in charge is hugely influential so I think we've got a reasonable chance.  Even if it doesn't happen I've already learnt an awful lot from just reading the background papers. 

Exciting times!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to include librarians when you're testing out the interface, please! :)

Carlos Cuello said...

Are you accepting "healthy" volunteers from other non-english speaking countries?
Congrats and cheers

Jon Brassey said...

Thanks for the offers!

I'm not actually running the research, it's with an American University - so I'll have relatively little say.

However, if (a big 'if') we get funding I'm sure we could share things!