Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rapid reviews and TRIP

The TRIP Database was designed to help me answer questions for the ATTRACT service, a service I'm still involved in.  The ATTRACT methodology involves receiving a clinical question from a clinician and answering it, using the best available evidence, within 4-6 hours.  It's clear to see that this is not a systematic review!  However, it's unclear what the effects are so I've been doing some searching for evaluations of rapid reviews versus systematic reviews.  It's early days in the review but a couple of interesting papers are:
If you know of others please let me know.

Frequently, when reading around a subject I get side-tracked in thoughts and started thinking about carrying out rapid reviews from within TRIP.  It might work something like this:

  1. The user starts by using the TRIP PICO search (click here to see it).
  2. A user selects those articles that s/he wants to view.
  3. These are then all opened up in new windows framed by a special TRIP frame (so we can do some clever stuff highlighted below).
  4. The user can read the articles, highlight passages they want including in the review and 'send' them to a review builder on the TRIP site (by simply pressing a button)
  5. After this process is carried out the user goes to the review builder, add a narrative to link the passages and TRIP publishes the reviews (after also adding references, etc)
We could even monitor new content added to TRIP and alert the original creator when new articles on the topic are published (arguably we could add them to the actual review as well in a 'new evidence' section!
It'd work for ATTRACT and I'm guessing it might work elsewhere...!


Sara Khangura said...

These are older pprs but are of interest, particularly wrt SRs vs RRs:

Watt A, Cameron A, Sturm L, Lathlean T, Babidge W, Blamey S, et al.: Rapid versus full systematic reviews: validity in clinical practice? ANZ J Surg 2008, 78:1037-1040.

Cameron A., et al. Rapid versus full systematic reviews: an inventory of current methods and practice in Health Technology Assessment. ASERNIP-S Report No. 60. Adelaide, South Australia: ASERNIP-S, July 2007.

Jon Brassey said...

That's great, thank you.

I've had a few other papers and I'll blog a summary sometime soon.

Thanks again.


Rebecca Rees, EPPI-Centre said...

Hi Jon. For those who are new to REA, here's a link to an online toolkit that covers the basics of conducting/commissioning them. It's aimed at all sectors (e.g. social care and public health as well as clinical), and all types of review question (e.g. about implementation processes, provider/participant perspectives as well as effectiveness). Commissioned/ produced by UK Government.