Sunday, April 15, 2012

Search refinement

The ability to search TRIP and then filter by publication type (e.g. systematic reviews, guidelines) is often cited as something that's really positive about TRIP.  Aside from the addition of a few new categories there have been no real changes to it since it was introduced (probably ten years ago).

While it works really well, I'm wondering if it can be improved.  In the image below (a mock up, it's not real) you'll see a potential feature is displayed if a user clicks on the 'Systematic Review' filter - it allows you to select separate publications with the systematic review category.

Do people like this?


Anne Marie said...

Could you ave something hat tells you what different types are? Wouldn't be a great deal of use to me.

Jon Brassey said...

When you say what different types are - do you mean explaining the difference between systematic reviews, guidelines etc. Or is it the difference between say, DARE and Cochrane?

Sarah McGill said...

That might be useful, since that way I have an idea of geography for the systematic reviews too.

Anne Marie said...

It was the ones below DARE and Conchrane I meant... but being able to hover over and get more info would be good.