Monday, May 07, 2012

An explosion of ideas

It's less than a month ago when I heard the gutting news that a potential purchaser of TRIP had pulled out (with no reason) from purchasing TRIP.

But every cloud has a silver lining.  While waiting for the acquisition issue I'd not given a huge amount of thought to the next updates of TRIP, not since the survey of last year (click here for details).  But not now - WOW - it's been a great two weeks of reflection.

I've met with Phil (our genius techie) to discuss the updates from last year's survey and they seem all straightforward(ish) to implement.  We had our request for donations (click here, it's not too late) which has generated a good amount.

I really like being open about what I've been thinking recently, but it's so special (at least I think so) that I need to keep it under wraps.  It's built on our social learning tool called TILT but goes way beyond it.  One possible offshoot of this idea is to have organisational accounts of TRIP.  This would allow organisations to upload their own documents to TRIP and then these would be searchable via TRIP.  So, the University Hospital of Bristol might create an account and upload documents (local guidelines, protocols, antibiotic resistance data, clinic opening times - whatever they wish).  A local doctor or nurse could link their profile to the University Hospital of Bristol's profile and when they search they'd see local documents.  In addition to local documents the organisational account might add their link-resolver details - making linking to full-text documents so much easier.

The big issue for me is needing to make it as painless as possible for organisations to upload their documents.  Also, it needs to be easy for individuals to find their institution.  Both shouldn't be too problematic

So, feel free to comment or add any feature you think would make it even more powerful.

As mentioned this is a relatively small offshoot of a bigger idea which I hope to reveal gradually over the next month or so,


Trish said...

This sounds like what LENUS does in Ireland - it might be worth talking to the HSE. We use both LENUS and TRIP all the time and find both invaluable.

Trish said...

They do something similar in LENUS in that each organisation submits documents and has their own page within the database. Might be worth contacting the HSE to discuss and maybe linking LENUS into TRIP to take into account Irish results/organisations. We use both LENUS and TRIP and find both invaluable.