Friday, December 06, 2013

TILT - my biggest regret

This post signaled my biggest professional disappointment!  A key phrase being:

I think it's fair to say that it has failed

TILT stood for 'Today I Learnt That' and in a nutshell allows health professionals to record things they've learnt recently.  A longer explanation can be viewed here.  Some examples of recorded learning being:

  • The commonest causes of postural hypotension are medications and conditions that cause hypovolaemia
  • Even after extensive evaluation, about a third of patients with persistent, consistent postural hypotension have no identified cause
Why do I like it?  These are nuggets of learning/evidence that have typically been distilled from a larger document.  The person TILTing has removed all the unnecessary background information and just recorded what's important to them.  Also, the user will only record what they previously didn't know - so fresh learning that's likely to be valuable to others.

In this post I highlighted while I think it failed. I think things have moved on since then, in relation to the notion of sharing.  Design has moved on as well.  But I still think the main reasons for failure are the same.  In a nutshell it needs to be easier to use and we need to communicate what we're trying to achieve better.

Can we do it?  Is it worth it?  I want it to happen but sometimes you've got to know when to stop.  I guess I'll be seeking opinions to see what people think - so let me know.  If it works it'll be magic, but it's a big 'if'!

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Liz Elliott said...

I love the idea of TILT. As you say, things have moved on, but whilst you could realize some aspects of TILT by, for example, using twitter hashtags, I'm not sure that would quite do it justice. A platform that would allow people to log their own learning, whilst sharing/reviewing/curating knowledge would be very interesting. There has been a fair amount of discussion recently about how to acknowledge informal learning - largely prompted by the growth of MOOCs - and there are various platforms attempting to address that that now (e.g. Accredible, Degreed). Some method of peer reviewing material (e.g. as Quora does) would, I think, be important, and a way to search or group things by topic (I like tags and tag clouds :) ) and follow individuals or topics might also be useful. Perhaps you need a survey to find out how people would like it to work? Or conduct an experiment using twitter hashtags to see where it goes? Anyway, I hope you won't give up on TILT just yet.