TRIP has been busy recently with 3 major projects due to launch by the end of the summer. The Spanish version of TRIP should be out very soon, TRIPanswers will be out by the end of August and TRIPcpd should be out by the end of September.

In addition, we’ll be rolling out a small upgrade to TRIP soon, with the ability to export records and e-mail to a colleague.

The TRIP speed issue is also being worked on with a final report from our web-people due soon.

So, while we’ve been busy, most of them are under control and nearing completion so we can start thinking about our next batch of work – an upgrade to TRIP. We’ve got a number of ideas for the upgrade, but we want your help. What would you like to see?

Please contact us (click here) with any ideas you may have. No matter how big or seemingly trivial, we want to hear.

Over to you to help improve TRIP