Do I need to apologise for there being such a gap (one month) between my last post and this?  I’ve no idea!
Basically, we’ve been working very hard on two main areas of work:

  • The next upgrade of TRIP.  This should appear April/May 2012 and has taken lots of work with the surveys, interviews and reading around the topic.
  • An answer engine.  For commercial reasons I have to be vague on this for now (something I’m not comfortable with) but it’ll take shape over 2012.  I’ve identified a number of partners to get this collaboration going and our first meeting should be in February next year.  While my enthusiasm is driving this (initially at least) it won’t be a TRIP product, we will be one of the partners.  I’ve come to realise that TRIP can only achieve so much on our own.  But the initial partners are very strong and should help me realise my dreams.

All the above aside, I’m starting to wind down for Christmas.  It’s been a long year and I need it.

If you celebrate Christmas – enjoy.

Best wishes