Relatively early days of this year and it’s already proving interesting.

I’m still working on the answer engine idea (see here for last post on the topic) and have had the first meeting about that.  There are lots of issues to be resolved, but these appear fairly clear and none particularly worry me!

One topic that has concerned me is the relationship between TRIP and any answer engine we create.  Fortunately, that has clarified over the months and I can easily see a fit that allows a users to search TRIP and get a combined set of results – TRIP results and associated answers.  I’ve done some mock-ups and it fits seamlessly.  So, very excited. 

As ever money is the limiting factor but we may have some good news on that front in the near future.  But, due to this and commercial sensitivities around the answer engine I’m having to stop being quite so open and transparent – which is a real shame.  I think that helps explain why there have been few blog posts this year – even though it has been a really exciting start.