Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New: Controlled Trials in Trip

Today we released a new refine option in Trip, one for Controlled Trials (mainly RCTs).

After help with filters from Julie Glanville we have grabbed trials from PubMed and Mendeley and this has resulted in approximately 500,000 trials being added to Trip (too see the filter used, click here).  Give the nature of filters used to highlight controlled trials there is a compromise between sensitivity and specificity. Over the next few months we'll work to improve the quality and also the quantity of trials.

In testing, I've used the feature extensively and it's worked really well.  It really is a powerful addition to Trip.  To use it yourself, simply go to Trip and search as you would normally and simply press the 'Controlled Trials' link/button in the refine area on the right hand side of the search results.


Rene cochrane said...

Hi Jon,
Will you make the information about the PubMed filters for your controlled trials available so we can get an idea how comprehensive your database is. Will you also compare your results with those listed in the central database of controlled trials in the cochrane library?

Rene cochrane said...

Hi Jon,
will you publish your algoritm/hash/filter on controlled trials on this site so we can have an idea about it's comprehensiveness?
Will you also compare your dataset with that of the central trial database at the cochrane library site?


Jon Brassey said...

Hi Rene,

Great idea, will post ASAP. I'm currently away but should be able to post something by the start of next week.

I'm not sure how I might test against CENTRAL, is there a standard method?

Best wishes