‘Female viagra’: FDA panel backs Flibanserin with safety restriction

Whenever I see stories about new drugs published in the newspapers I turn to Trip to see what we’ve got on the topic. It turns out we’ve got relatively little.  The top trial (SNOWDROP trial) concludes:

In naturally postmenopausal women with HSDD, flibanserin, compared with placebo, has been associated with improvement in sexual desire, improvement in the number of SSEs, and reduced distress associated with low sexual desire, and is well tolerated.

But what I like is that the first result in Trip is Astroturfers rule the day: FDA’s flibanserin reviewers were “emotionally blackmailed” by a slick lobbying campaign, a critical examination of the process.  While many do not like the inclusion of blogs (they can easily be removed from the search results) they can offer a critical insight/context which can be missing from journal articles.

As an aside, another thing I enjoyed seeing was that our clinical trial search found 12 trials, all of which are now classed as closed.  I’d not appreciated the power of having registered trials pulled through in to Trip.