Clinical trials are a vital element of evidence-based healthcare.  And, increasingly, trial registries are being searched as part of evidence synthesis activities.

As Trip’s main role is to help users find important evidence it’s natural we wanted to include clinical trials in our search index.  The fewer barriers there are to finding evidence the more likely it is to be used.  So, combining clinical trials in our search index makes them easy to find and therefore more likely to be used – simple really!

Trip obtains trials from the American website, a site with over 190,000 clinical trials.  The site is a registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world.  To be clear, it is a global database as the image below shows (for a search for measles).

As ever one of Trip’s mains strengths is simplicity.  Log in with your Premium account and search, this example is for a search for aspirin and cancer

In the above image the clinical trials are highlighted and you can see that there are three types:

  • Open – trials that are recruiting
  • Closed – trials that are either not yet open or have finished recruiting
  • Unknown – often the trials aren’t updated so are unsure of the status

If a user clicks on the ‘Open’ clinical trials you get the following:

It really is simple.  Evidence really is simple with Trip.

To access this and the many other benefits of Trip Premium sign-up now via this link (NOTE: Institutional subscriptions are available).  If you’re unsure or you require further details of Trip’s great power see our beautiful infographic