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December 2015

Rapid and/or systematic reviews – new post

Historically I have used this blog to write about Trip developments as well as expanding on my own work around rapid reviews.  This can sometimes be appropriate, for instance when we highlight a new tool on Trip to make reviews more rapid.  However, sometimes the articles have nothing to do with Trip and more to do with me (Jon Brassey) as an individual.  It was one of the reasons I started the Rapid Reviews website.

My intention is to post these articles on that site but I will continue to link to these articles if I feel they are substantial and offer value/benefit to Trip users.  One such article, is Why do we do systematic reviews? Part 4, possibly my firmest critique of the current ways we undertake systematic reviews.  This is linked to the need for rapid reviews.

This is probably my last post this side of Christmas, so if you’re ready – and that way inclined – have a wonderful time.

Site redesign

Every now and then it’s important to take a step back and look at how the site is performing.  I’m not talking about the search results/algorithm, more the user interface. I am broadly happy with the design (logo, colours etc) but I’m less convinced that the site is configured optimally to ensure users can easily find the information they need.

So, we’re exploring that and making some headway.  Don’t expect it to look radically different, but hopefully it’ll be a delightful surprise.

It should be ready early 2016, but that depends on user testing of the new interface.

Feel free to make suggestions as to bits you don’t like…!

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