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June 2017

Cochrane records on Trip

Last month we reported repeated problems keeping our Cochrane records up to date and asked users to decide what we should do.  Overwhelmingly people said we should stop linking to Wiley’s Cochrane Library domain and link to PubMed.

We have now moved all the links over:

So, Trip now has all the Cochrane systematic reviews and, given our experience of PubMed, we’re confident we’ll continue to properly reflect Cochrane’s records from now on.

For those of you who miss the direct links to the Cochrane Library, you can still easily get there via PubMed:

Evidence Live: Community Rapid Review

The Community Rapid Review idea has been discussed for a while now and the final stage, before we move to production, is coming very soon.  Next week I will be running a workshop at Evidence Live on the idea.  It’ll be an interactive exploration of the thinking behind the idea and will hopefully see some final constructive criticism to guide the final product.

If you’re going to Evidence Live you can reserve a place via this link.

Medicines information coming to the Answer Engine

The Answer Engine started less than 6 months ago and has firmly established itself as a well-loved feature on Trip.  Currently, the answers are mainly linked to intervention efficacy style questions.  But, in around 4-6 weeks, we’ll be rolling out medicines information.  So, for a given drug we’ll allow users to easily see answers to questions about contraindications, warnings, interactions etc.  For instance:


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