This has been such an interesting experiment with loads of learning.

For those unfamiliar with the community Q&A, the idea is, if you have a clinical question and you can’t find the answer on Trip, then leave the question (link found here). We then encourage other Trip users to answer it. The idea is simple, a Q might be difficult for the user but for an expert in the field it could well be easy. So, Trip’s role is to match the Q to the expert.

Some reflections after a couple of months…:


  • Probably the biggest error is how we ‘present’ the system, it appears to be confusing so people don’t really get it. And, by that, when you first encounter it (on the top of the results) people aren’t really sure what to make of it. So, we need to improve how we explain the system (any help out there?)

Learning points

  • People often don’t leave structured clinical questions which can lead to ambiguous questions – hardly ideal.
  • So far, very few people – apart from in-house Trip – have answered the questions. We’ve had input via Twitter and email, but we need to do more to make it scalable.
  • People have tended to ask difficult questions, which is what the system is for. It’s great learning for us, as it helps remind us of the complexity of answering clinical questions.


It’s not gone as planned or anticipated, but this is something we can take our time with. We’ll hopefully be pushing out some changes in the near future.

If you have any thoughts on how we might improve it, please let us know.