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I was sure I’d blogged this, but I can’t find it – so here goes!

PubMed URLs tend to be really long. The typical URL can be

Using this site allows you to simply add the PMID to the end of the URL e.g.

If you click on the last URL you’ll get taken to an article that features TRIP. In this Belgium paper clinicians searched 4 databases (one of which was TRIP) and the authors found very favourable results. I’ve ordered the full-text and will report more when it arrives.

Two other mentions of TRIP recently:

Interesting new sites

I’ve recently seen a batch of new sites which have caught my attention:

PubMed reaches 17 million

On April 20, 2007, the number of citations in PubMed surpassed 17 million (see NLM technical bulletin.)

Interestingly, the TRIP paper “Using the Turning Research Into Practice (TRIP) database: how do clinicians really search?” was added on the 20th April. So there is a chance (albeit remote) that the TRIP paper was the 17 millionth!

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