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TRIP Evidence Reviews

TRIP Evidence Reviews

The TRIP Evidence Reviews have been available via TRIP for a week or so and are already proving popular (they’ve been viewes a total of 264 times). There are currently 47 reviews and we’ll probably stop developing them in the near future, catch our breath, and see what happens.

Alongside the reviews we’re developing a CPD component, which is looking interesting!

Nice review, or is that preview?

David Rothman writes one of the best medical blogs, from an library/information perspective, that I know (click here). Due to his position as a forward-thinking type(!) I sent him the URL to the development version of the new TRIP (minus the comments section). Here are his, flattering, comments (click here).

The TRIP Evidence Reviews are going very well and we’re now approaching 40. I’m not sure when we’ll stop producing them, news ones I mean. My main concern is that, once produced, we have enough resource to update them. Some will need updating every 3-4 months while others will probably only need updating every 6-9 months. We have now added the first batch to TRIP and these tend to come at the top of the search results.

TRIP Evidence Reviews

We are very pleased to announce the release of our new ‘product’ called TRIP Evidence Reviews. These are a series of reviews in specific topic areas. The reviews consist, principally, of a collection of links to recent research and guidance in an area. We see these as an educational tool, providing an easy method of updating oneself on new research and thinking in a particular topic area.

For more information see our TRIP Evidence Reviews blog.

TRIP Evidence Reviews

We like to experiment with new formats for the information we come across. Due to our involvement with post-graduate CME work, we’ve happened across a format we quite like! As part of our work we’ve been asked to produce a number of ‘evidence reviews’ around specific topic areas. If you view the examples below you’ll see what we mean. I think we will be producing a significant number of these…

As well as our manual uploading of new material there are a number of dynamic (and pseudo-dynamic elements):

  • The latest articles in Medline is powered by an RSS feed.
  • The news is powered by Google news.
  • At the foot of the page is the ability to do, easy, live searches of relevant material.

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