It’s been a successful launch of the new version of the site.  We’ve had lots of sign-ups to the Premium version and that includes a number of institutions – so, so far so good.  Fortunately, we’ve had no ill-feeling expressed around the move to Freemium, I imagine most users understand the reasons.  We have had lots of feedback which has started a mini-development cycle.  So, things that we’re planning on doing in the near future include:

  • Improved export meta-data. Currently we only include basic data such as title, publication and year.  We’re now planning to extend that to include authors, volume, issue, page numbers and abstract.
  • OpenAthens.  We’re still exploring this but it looks like it’s a route that we need to go down.  The only hesitation is the cost!
  • Institutional pricing.  Even though we planned it and spoke to a number of people I think the way we’ve packaged institutional subscriptions is overly complex and off-putting.  So, we’re working hard to simplify this and we aim to roll out a new approach in the very near future.

If there are any other improvements you’d like to see, feel free to email me: