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Upgrade update

What a surprise, there has been a delay! I posted about needing a new server due to the size of the new work. In total the new server will cost 4 times what we had budgeted, so we’ve needed to do some manoeuvres to slot that into our business plan. The final hurdle of that was overcome today so we’re hoping that the implementation of this will occure within the next fortnight. I’ll have more details tomorrow but it’s looking like an early October launch. Likely improvements:

  • Improved search algorithm (see earlier posts)
  • 26 Baby TRIPs (see earlier posts)
  • Rewording and re-jigging of categories. ‘EB Synopses’ and ‘Systematic Reviews’ will be merged and be the top results category. The ‘Clinical calculators’ category will be re-named ‘More’ (making a new tagline TRIP, Evidence Base and More). The ‘More’ refers to a ‘sort of’ miscellaneous, ‘sort of’ web 2.0 category. Wikis will go in there, as will a load of videos, we’re hoping to get slidecasts added. To help keep things relevant we’ll allow clinicians and information specialists to suggest content and add it via the Gwagle interface. We’ll keep this quite controlled to start with and see what happens!

Sorry for the delays!

Update on the way forward

So far the overwhelming support (5 out of 6 responders) has been for option one – using a quality slider.

One respondent (Ben) came up with a wonderful idea that ties in very well with a historical feature of TRIP – colour coding. Around 5-7 years ago, when TRIP introduced results categorisation (‘evidence based’, ‘primary research’ ‘Q&A’ etc) we gave each category a colour. However, over time things got complicated and we decided to drop the colour coding.

Ben suggested we try giving the ‘quality slider’ a visual colour change. I’m guessing this could be multiple colours or different shades of the same colour. In the latter case it could be something like the darker the colour the higher the quality. How this might manifest itself in the results page I’m not sure, some immediate thoughts (so not necessarily well though out):

  • Each result has a coloured box or bar representing the likely quality.
  • The results themselves are written in a particular shade.
  • Each result has the underlined hyperlink given the particular colour.

Something for the design guys to get their heads round – assuming we go with the quality slider!

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