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June 2016

Question time

Every now and then we like to reach out to our users to try and get insight in to what can help make Trip better.  So, if you don’t mind can you answer these few questions below (tick all the boxes that apply).

These user surveys are important as they help understand how our users would like Trip to develop.  Trip is so much better with user input!


Why you use Trip


New features


Payments for Trip Pro


Finally, we are exploring creating a Trip Community Q&A system.  So, if a user can’t find an answer via Trip they would be able to post the question to the Trip Community.  If you are interested in helping develop this idea then please contact us via  This will not involved much work, simply a way for us to ask your views on how we can best develop a useful system.


Images – easily find articles that are free to use

Medical images on Trip has just got even more useful!  A Twitter user suggested a great feature would be to restrict the images to those that are freely available to use.  In other words, those with liberal (or no) copyright restrictions.  As you’ll see in the image below we have a new tick box, “Only show images that are free to modify, share and use


NOTE: Pro feature only.

Combination search

The combination search is back (for Pro users)!

It went missing when we moved to the new design and it’s taken a while to put it back and integrate it.

Combination search

Each search on Trip (in a single session) is given a number eg #1, #2 etc.  You can then combine these via the ‘Recent’ tab (see image above).  It allows users to fairly easily build up complex searches.

I’m very glad it’s back.


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