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December 2007

Critical Care TRIP

I’ve been particularly pleased with the reception the specialist TRIP sites have received. We’ve had more feedback on these than any other feature that I can remember. One loud ‘shout out’ was for a Critical Care TRIP. Always, willing to please (!) I have now published the Critical Care TRIP which was produced with help from a number of people, but special mentions to Lisa Lawrence from Derby City General Hospital and Barry Markovitz (PedsCCM)

Review of 2007

Not sure where to start with this one, but 2007 has been one busy and exciting year!

Clinical Q&A
Over 1,700 clinical questions answered. We’ve managed to maintain our very high satisfaction rates and we’ve got quicker. Approximately 85% have been answered within 24 hours.

Takeover. We flirted briefly with being bought out by a European-based PLC.

TRIP Database
To date (in 2007) we’ve been searched over 5,500,000 times this year – a staggering figure. Of these around 100,000 were mis-spellings (and corrected by our systems).

There has also been the release of two upgrades the most recent saw us reveal 26 specialist search engines. These have been very well received and are already being widely used. The following are the top 5 (the figures in brackets are the usage in the last 4 weeks):

  • Pediatrics (3,855)
  • Obs & Gynae (3,562)
  • Cardiology (3,239)
  • Urology (3,132)
  • Orthopedics (2,940)

Interestingly, Sian (my other half) suggested that we could re-name the Obs & Gynae search to TRIPova – which amused me no end.

The review of our users was worth doing, click here to see the results. I was most pleased by the search success of our users.

What about 2008?

TRIP Database – Some minor upgrades are planned for early 2008 as well as the first TRIP in non-English released by mid-2008. I’m hoping to reach 1 million searches per month by the end of 2008.

Clinical Q&A – Onwards and upwards I hope.

New projects – We have got one very large project planned for mid-2008. We’re hoping to start work on this in early 2008. However, it’ll require a significant amount of effort to get ready for launch. It’s in the broad area of Q&A and I’m fairly confident that it’ll have a massive impact. I don’t remember being as excited about a project before!

Finally, I’d like to thank those involved with TRIP over the year, including:

  • Rosalind
  • Chris
  • Eleri
  • Lynne
  • Ben
  • Dean
  • Michelle
  • David
  • Toni
  • Tiffany
  • NLH
  • Rich, Steve and Phil (and the rest of Sequence)
  • Shona
  • Lisa
  • Judith
  • Martin
  • Iain
  • Paul
  • And all the others who I hope I haven’t offended by leaving off but have helped considerably!

Popular papers of 2007

It’s that time of year! We’ve reviewed all our searches and the following are the top papers viewed from TRIP for 2007.

  1. Management of enteral tube feeding CREST, 2004
  2. Growth reference charts Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, 2000
  3. Insulin sliding scale Ganfyd, 2007
  4. Which oral antibiotics interact with alcohol? NeLM, 2006
  5. Is there a list of drugs where alcohol should be avoided? NLH Q&A Service, 2005
  6. What is the relavance of poor R-wave progression with an otherwise normal ecg? NLH Q&A Service, 2005
  7. Guidelines on the management of cellulitis in adults CREST, 2005
  8. Standards for infusion therapy RCN, 2005
  9. Sexually Transmitted Infections in Primary Care RCGP, 2006
  10. Nutrition support in adults NICE, 2006

The top ten were viewed, from TRIP, a total of 51,301 times!

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Health Business Awards

We’re very pleased to announce that the NLH Q&A Service (a service we run) has been nominated for NHS Website of the Year as part of the Health Business Awards.

Apparently, we’re up against two other NHS sites 18 Weeks Delivery Programme and Choose and Book.

The awards are next Thursday, so time to dust off the suit – fortunately, it’s not black tie!

TRIP Books

I signed up years ago to be an Amazon affiliate and never really did much. This weekend I went back and had a look. They can offer some pretty powerful tools! I knowed this up TRIP Bookshop in around 3 hours.

I’ve still got to plug it into TRIP and the specialist search engines. I’ve also got to create a system that detects users from overseas and directs them to other stores.

I’m amazed at how good it looks with so little effort!

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