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May 2016

How to use Trip

We have now produced a number of very nice videos on how to get the best out of Trip.  They cover a range of topics such as how to refine your search, PICO search etc.  The full list can be seen on our YouTube Channel.  But I’ve pasted a few examples below.

These videos have already been a big success and so I’m planning to add to these in two main ways:

  • Additional ‘how to’ guides.  If there’s anything you’d like to see then drop me a line or leave a comment.
  • Guided topic search.  ‘How to’ guides are great but sometimes working through an actual search example adds an extra insight.  So, I need some example searches.  I can make my own up but it might be nice to accept searches that people have tried and possibly had sub-optimal results. So, if you have a search you’d like me to work through then again drop me a line or leave a comment.

Now, the example videos…:

Refining your search

The Star function

Regulatory Guidance

Regulatory guidance is content typically published by national (or European) government agencies e.g. FDA, NICE, IQWiG, European Medicines Agency EMA).  It’s a fairly new category of evidence, released in the new design, and most of the content relates to pharmaceutical drugs.  It works like every other category, you search and then click on the ‘Regulatory Guidance’ link in the ‘Refine’ box on the right hand side of the results page, see the two images below.

This is an incredibly powerful feature.  Searching sites like the FDA and EMA can be challenging to say the least and Trip makes it easy.  This content is really useful, featuring additional content not included in journal articles (e.g. see this Brexpiprazole review) and has typically been rigorously assessed by the relevant agency.

Why not try it now with these two canned searches (just click on the link):

Trip – making evidence easy

Reg guidance 1

Reg guidance

Medical images on Trip

Trip’s image search is unique and based on a database of millions of images.  As with all things at Trip it’s designed to be easy to use and still deliver great results.  Access to our images is a ‘Pro’ feature and to see other benefits of ‘Pro’ visit our upgrade page.

Below are four examples of screengrabs for a given search.  For each example you can see the search term used and a sample of the images returned:

xray clavicle  Hip arthoplasty AlopeciaCT stroke


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