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February 2007

Microsoft Acquires Health Search Engine, Medstory

An interesting story on the Read/WriteWeb blog and an interesting product. I’ll have to look through the site to see if there are any features that might improve TRIP!

Nintendo’s Wii a hit with the geriatric set?

As an owner of a Nintendo Wii (for the children, of course….) I like to hear stories of the health benefits. This was a nice story!

Just Ask Anybody!

ResearchBuzz have created a new search function, Just Ask Anybody, based on 75 Ask-An-Expert and Ask-A-Librarian Web sites. It works pretty well, I’m impressed!

Hospitals pick hi-tech clipboard

Hospitals pick hi-tech clipboard featured on the BBC News website.
It makes no mention of doing bedside searches for information, or allowing clinicians to post their clinical questions – but that’s not to say it can’t handle it. I have a few concerns:
  1. Infection control – sure you can disinfect it, but clinicians can wash their hands between patients – do they?
  2. Security (1) – very tempting for thieves
  3. Security (2) – will it make it easier for people to access files via hacking wi-fi, ‘borrowing’ theclipboard etc.

But overall, it seems an exciting development!

TRIP Upgrade

The upgrade is progressing well (all need testing):

1) RSS feed – done
2) Highlighting PDFs – done
3) Improve algorithm – partially done
4) Import of conclusions into main results page – done
5) Snippets – partially done but may be abandonded if the test results don’t improve.

We’re also likely to do one, or more, of the following 3:

1) Improve layout of results page to obtain more results on the results page.
2) Improve the advanced search.
3) Add extra content from PubMed.

With regard the last point we currently include a small amount of material from PubMed, namely, the ‘Big 5’ general medical journals (NEJM, JAMA, Lancet, BMJ and Annals of Internal Medicine) and those outputted from BMJ Updates. However, the people that create BMJ Updates (HIRU @ McMaster) have highlighted just over 100 core journals. My thought is that a search would be carried out of the current content. However, users would have the ability to ‘Add more primary research’ which would then see the extra journals added to the results.

Currently, I’m favouring the top 2, but if anyone has any preferences, let me know via the blog or ‘Contact Us‘ on TRIP.

Blog changes

Sorry! I keep mucking around with the font changes. To start with links were light grey (hard to see). It took me 3 weeks to figure out I could change them, so they went red! Now, I’ve altered them to a purple, not dissimilar to the purple in the logo – seems appropriate!

Medical podcasts

The clinical cases and images blog has a feature on medical podcasts. Being based in the USA they miss out on the rather nice podcast compiled by Univadis (a pharma portal site).

Web 2.0 video

Watch this video – very impressive. Why not read the whole blog article here?

Buy A Tree In Niger

Nothing to do with TRIP, but seems an innovative and worthwhile campaign. See the TechCrunch blog entry for more details.

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