The new version of the Trip Database is live and to help celebrate we’ve produced a beautiful infographic.

While to many the new site will not look massively different there have been some huge changes.  Perhaps the biggest has been the adoption of the Freemium business model.  What was previously freely available at Trip remains, largely, free but for those who want an enhanced service there is a Premium (paid for) service.  We have adopted this model based on the absolute need for financial security. 

So, what do those purchasing the Premium model get?

More content

  • Approximately an extra 100,000 systematic reviews (including systematic review type content such as HTAs), more than double available via the free Trip.
  • Millions of free full-text articles
  • Ongoing clinical trials database of over 175,000 clinical trials
  • Access to a large medical image database
  • Tens of thousands of clinical videos

More functionality

  • Export of records to reference management software
  • The ability to easily exclude certain content types (e.g. eTextbooks)
  • Trip educational credits
  • Article views, see which articles are most popular for your search

Other things

Another new feature is moving to a more secure site with a new password system (this is for both free and premium users).  This will require users to renew their login/password details but it’s a one-off – so hopefully not too traumatic.

Finally, and mentioned above, is the new Trip Evidence Service. Run by experienced and skilled information experts the Trip Evidence Service can provide various services: formal literature searches, horizon scanning and evidence reviews. Given the varied staff skills the service can also offer bespoke information services.

So, why delay, click here to upgrade to the new Premium Trip today (click here).  NOTE: Institutional subscriptions are available,