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NRR and Google Earth Mash-up

I was delighted to receive an e-mail from Hazim at Update Software highlighting their rather lovely new feature on the National Research Register. The NRR is:

“…a database of ongoing and recently completed research projects funded by, or of interest to, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS).”

In a nutshell it allows you to search for completed or ongoing research in a particular topic. The results can then be added to a map of the UK (up to a maximum of 100 results). Below is a picture of the 76 ongoing, single-centre research projects, looking at ovarian cancer.

TRIP around the world

TRIP has recently produced a map which highlights active contacts from around the world (click here). However, that only tells part of the geographic ‘reach’ of TRIP as these are people who’ve actively contacted us. We’ve recently added the Google Analytics code to the TRIP site and these show vists by city. Below you will see a world map with lots of circles. These represent where searches have come from. The results below are for Sunday and Monday this week.

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