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April 2020

What are health professionals searching for in relation to COVID-19? Update 3

It’s been two weeks since the last update, so what’s changed?

Well, one thing that hasn’t changed is that around 50% of searches are still just looking, generally, for Covid-19 information ie no additional search terms; just the disease name! Oh yes, another search that’s stayed the same is that chloroquine (or hydroxychloroquine) is still the most popular search other than just the disease name.

Topics that have become more popular include:

  • pregnancy
  • PPE
  • vaccines
  • dental

Topics that have seen big increases in popularity:

  • antibiotics
  • young people

I feel I should be adding some extra value by offering some insight, but I’m really not sure what these changes mean!

What are health professionals searching for in relation to COVID-19? Update 2

What a difference a week makes!  In our previous posts generic searches for just Covid-19 (or synonyms) dominated. But things have changed dramatically – as have the number of searches, these too have increased hugely. After simple searches for the disease the top searches look like this:

  • pregnancy
  • PPE
  • diagnosis
  • interferon
  • screening
  • azithromycin
  • surgery
  • outbreak
  • vaccine
  • antibiotics

Are users getting past the need for general, background knowledge and seeking answers to more specific questions? It certainly seems that way!

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