Currently we are migrating to a new super-duper-shiney new server. This is a fairly large task – hence us being a bit quite recently. We’re hoping to have finished that in the next couple of weeks.

At the same time we’re working on the Trip community feature/service. This is experimental, so no timeline except for my usual impatience to get it delivered!

I’ve just uploaded the latest monthly – manual – batch of content. Most content to Trip gets added automatically but every month (as I have done each month for the last twenty years) I go to a number of sites and manually grab any new content.  At times this manual approach can feel like a bit of a chore, but generally I marvel at the breadth of new content being delivered.  This month I’ve found myself refreshing/boosting our links to Patient Decision Aids.

Finally, our annual accounts have been finalised and our subscription income has reached a key milestone – Trip feels more secure than ever. But I have no plans to allow this to make me feel comfortable. The moment we stop trying to improve is the moment we start to fail. Onwards and upwards.