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November 2017

Updated coverage graphic

With the inclusion of DynaMed Plus to Trip I felt it was time to update the graphic that attempts to convey what users search when they use Trip.  It’s a tough ask and below is my attempt (slight update on a previous graphic).  Comments welcome!!


DynaMed Plus added to Trip = Trusted Answers

DynaMed Plus is one of the most sought after resources in EBM.  As such we’re absolutely delighted to announce that DynaMed Plus content has been added to Trip.  And, what’s even better, if you’re not a subscriber to DynaMed Plus you can get ten free ‘views’ per month.

As you’ll see from the above graphic, DynaMed Plus is – like Trip – focused on supporting rapid question answering.  So, having both Trip and DynaMed Plus should maximise your chances of obtaining trusted answers to your clinical questions.

Autosynthesis – timeline to release

We’ve just had a meeting with the technical team and as a result we’re updating the timeline to release.  The plan is as follows:

Phase 1 – integrate improvements to data used to generate the synthesis (sample size, PICO identification etc).  This should be finished by the end of December and will interact with the current ‘front end’.

Phase 2 – integrate the new design. End of January

Phase 3 – integrate features that allow people to edit/modify the results. End of February.

We’re not sure when the full release will be, but I suspect we’ll allow people to interact with the system sometime in early 2018.

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