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March 2022

Searching for evidence to improve care during wartime

In little over 24 hours we’ve made some significant changes to the combat injuries filter. We’ve increased the yield of higher-quality articles from 2,000 to nearly 4,000. In conversation with people it’s become apparent that simply pointing to a large number of results isn’t great – as it suggests the user will have to browse the articles. In actual fact, they are more likely to have a clinical question.

So, we’re going to try to create an evidence table, pre-loaded with possible questions. As with the previous post, this table should be added to as and when people reach out. If you have suggestions, please send them to And, to be clear, we’re not experts in this domain, hence being very open to help.

TopicCombat setting (higher-quality evidence)Combat setting (all evidence)Any setting (higher-quality evidence)Any setting (all evidence)
Amputation121 results965 results1,613 results13,515 results
Antibiotics504 results4,100 results11,793 results148,176 results
Anxiety702 results2,628 results12,273 results87,007 results
Bullet wounds65 results522 results65 results522 results
Burns572 results2,719 results4,005 results28,571 results
Compartment syndrome174 results963 results947 results14,125 results
First aid93 results266 results402 results1,752 results
PTSD611 results2,979 results3,123 results17,085 results
Tranexamic acid42 results111 results696 results3,226 results
Venous thromboembolism164 results464 results3,192 results14,389 results

Thanks to Tom for highlighting refugee health. The following do not have any combat setting filter, they’re just total topic results:

TopicHigher-quality evidenceAll evidence
PTSD refugees207 results565 results
Refugee health648 results2,782 results
Refugee mental health455 results1,292 results
Unaccompanied minor refugees36 results92 results

Kate has highlighted the wonderful Evidence Aid. They have a number of pertinent evidence collections, including Health of refugees and asylum seekers.

Again, any suggestions via

Search filter for combat injuries

Earlier today I heard on the radio about two British surgeons running online training on military surgical techniques for surgeons/doctors in Ukraine. As Trip is a global repository of some of the best evidence available we thought it might be beneficial to try to bring together some of the best ‘combat’ evidence. To that end we have started work on a search filter. This is our starting list:

  • (shrapnel AND (wound OR injury))
  • military
  • soldier
  • (post-traumatic stress disorder AND (soldier or military))
  • (bomb AND injuries)
  • (bullet AND (wound OR injury))
  • (bomb AND (wound OR injury))

These translates to this search string, which is 20,000 results. If you restrict to ‘evidence based’ content (this search string) it drops to a more manageable 2,000 results. However, this is still too many so it possibly requires more filtering. For instance:

Can you help us improve our offering? I guess this comes in two parts (1) improve the filter to locate more military-related articles, and (2) suggestions for pre-formulated searches (such as the surgery or shrapnel searches above)

Any suggestions please send them to

UPDATE (15:26 on 06/03/2022)

Thanks to Becky I’ve added some additional terms:

  • “armed forces”
  • warfare
  • army
  • navy
  • airforce

This finds extra articles, unfiltered it’s now just over 28,000 results, and just over 2,600 higher quality articles.

UPDATE (11:52 on 07/03/2022)

Thanks to Lina we’ve identified a number of new terms:

  • gunshot
  • firearm
  • blast
  • explosion

This now gives just over 44,000 results, and just over 3,500 for higher-quality content.

Update (14:01 on 07/03/2022)

Thank you to Igor and Tracy we’ve identified some other useful terms:

  • shelling
  • grenade
  • “land mine”
  • landmine
  • artillery

This now gives just over 50,000 total results with nearly 4,000 higher-quality results.

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