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March 2011

Experiment with new cardiology content

I’ve been thinking how useful all the new content added – each month – to TRIP is.  We typically add between 400-700 articles each month manually (these are typically secondary evidence type articles), of these about 60% are recent publications and the rest from previous years.  In addition to this manual update we typically add around 3-5,000 new articles automatically (via various mechanisms). 

I typically view the manually added content as being the ‘best stuff’!  So, can we use this ‘best stuff’ in a meaningful way?  I believe so, but have no idea how!  Identifying it’s easy – displaying it is more problematic.  So, in an effort to help me understand the issues I’ve decided to experiment!  Therefore, I’ve taken March’s new content and extract all recent articles that relate to cardiology – 52 in total.  And below is my first effort at presenting them in a structured form (it’s a pragmatic structure – if that’s not obvious!) – please let me know what you think!



Myocardial Infarcation

CV Risk

Clinical Rules



NICE guidance. Is it inaccessible?

This is such an crucial video NICE guidance. Is it inaccessible? It’s been produced by a general practitioner from South Wales (Anne Marie Cunningham).  Although Anne Marie focuses on NICE guidance the issues affect other guidelines and many other sources of evidence.

The challenges Anne Marie raise are important and people interested in EBM/EBHC/EBP need to understand the problems front-line clinicians face. When Anne Marie can get the information she needs quickly and with little effort we’ll be in a better place.

However, we’re miles away from there and the challenges are daunting!

Word cloud of new content on TRIP

Each month we add add content via two main ways:

  • Automatically – this uses various mechanisms (e.g. RSS)
  • Manually – I go and look at various sites, typically those dealing with secondary evidence and grab any new content.

For this month (March 2011) I’ve just uploaded the monthly manual content.  This consisted of approximately four hundred articles dated 2011 and four hundred from 2010 (or earlier).  As I’m looking at ways of allowing users to more easily view new content I’ve experimented with a wordcloud using Wordle.  As many people have trouble viewing these I’ve embedded a screen grab below. To view it as large size you’ll need to click on it.

NOTE: I’ve edited the words (taken from the document titles only) to exclude certain non-clinical terms (e.g. trial, versus, randomized).

16,000 registered user

We’ve just had our 16,000 registered user of TRIP, that’s 1,000 new registrants in 3 weeks.

Our 16,000 user was a student from Fiji!

Facebook update

Here are a few recent Facebook posts (to see our full Facebook page click here).  Remember, the Facebook posts are typically small posts that are perhaps not ‘worthy’ of a blog post (but feel free to contradict me!)

  • The BNF is now live on the TRIP Database (February 12th)
  • Just about to add 300+ clinical guidelines from the Australian guidelines portal (February 15th)
  • Just added records from two sites aimed at undergraduate medical students: Almostadoctor & MediVids (February 17th)
  • Highlighted how good TILT was at highlighting significant new research (February 25th)
  • Work on updating the systematic review filter that auto-searches PubMed (February 28th)
  • Reported on the positive response to a training session I ran for a NHS organisation and offering to run more courses – just ask (March 2nd)
  • I’m looking to introduce OpenURL into TRIP and gradually understanding the issues/complexity (March 3rd)
  • Exploring hooking TRIP up to Google Translate (e.g. Spanish & Welsh) (March 7th)

We’ve been busy!

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