I write articles like this from time to time all caused by a lack of robust business model for Trip.  As I’ve stated before, it’s no way to run a business/service/website when there’s the constant fear of money running out.  I do long for some security (perhaps that’s a sign of getting old).

Still, this issue has become more of an issue with the three great bits of research we’ve recently completed:

I want these to be implemented.  They will improve Trip and make it easier for users to find the evidence they need to improve patient care.

We recently had registered user number 100,000, I want to get to 1,000,000. The reason being that the top two bits of research get better with scale – the more data the better the results.  So, we currently get around 500,000 page views per month, let’s get it higher – to 5,000,000 – the data and improvements to Trip will be amazing.

So, to implement these initiatives, work on others and boost traffic we need investment.  I’ve had initial discussion with a large publisher and separately with an investment specialist with a view to securing venture capital.

So these are real possibilities.  The advantages are clear but less so are the disadvantages.

UPDATE: It’s not just money, that’s important. But also important is a business partner, someone who understands business who can help drive that side of things – to make Trip sustainable.