A new feature – inappropriate titles for blog posts!

I was going to call this post ‘stuff’ but felt that was pretty dismal/boring.

Anyway, onto the post. Three things to report:

1) Today’s Google blog linked to something called a binary clock. I was intrigued and visited the Think Geek online store and discovered what it was (click here). I want one!

2) I came across this wonderful looking “HEALTH 2.0: USER-GENERATED HEALTHCARE“. I’d love to go but not sure I can justify the time and costs for a single day…

3) The next upgrade for TRIP is taking shape. Yes, we’re still waiting to release the latest upgrade (hopefully next week – I’ve heard that before) but we like to think ahead. The main features will be linked in with the gwagle experiment (see previous post). The main planned features will be user-added content, enhanced My-TRIP, content tagging (with associated tag clouds). We may even add a scoring mechanism whereby users can give a score (based on something nebulous such as ‘clinical usefulness’. It may not sound much but it will represent a significant move in TRIP’s development.

As for the title of the blog post, see this YouTube clip. I was at that concert and the clip doesn’t do the song justice!