Sunday, April 01, 2007


This is not an April Fool, but TRIP has broken the half a million searches per month. In fact, for March, we were searched 515,191 times (that's 3,873,391 page views). We were helped in breaking this mark by a significant upswing in searches towards the end of the month, most over 20,000 searches per day, and two over 25,000.

The 515, 191 gives an average daily search of 16,619. So, if we maintain seach figures for 20,000+ searches, we'll be having another, predictable, post on 1st May!


Galaxygirl said...

WOW!!!! Thats fantastic have you thought of selling insurance for doctors on your website?

Anonymous said...

We've just opened a meaningful dialogue with Google to improve the performance of Google Ads - which should help. Failing that, it's definately an option. As it happened I spoke with a medical advertising executive yesterday who gave me some pointers. We'll see!

Thanks for the thought!