Wednesday, June 11, 2008

TRIP speed - we're working on it

I've noticed (and no doubt lots of others have as well) the pretty awful speed of TRIP in the last week or so. Just to say SORRY and that we are addressing the issues:

  • As a short-term measure we are quadrupling the memory in our servers. This should boost speeds considerably and hopefully this will be in by either the end of this week or the start of the next.
  • On a more medium term basis we are carrying out some sophisticated analysis of the site to identify where the bottlenecks are. We're hoping that, once this has finished, we will be able to allocate resources at the problems. If we're lucky the extra memory might sort everything out!

I use TRIP everyday so am acutely aware of the need for speed - we'll get there....

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Jon Brassey said...

Oops, 'Jo' left a comment about the old content on the NLH Q&A when we cease trading. Somehow I managed to mess up and I appear to have deleted it.

I have tried to seek support from the NLH to continue the archive and they have not offered any support.

As we will be outside of a contract it creates an awful lot of problems relating to our indemnity. We're working on a solution, but that will be outside of the NLH. If the NLH decide to remove the '' everything will fall - we have no power over the '' domain.

However, during the summer we'll be releasing TRIPanswers which, if you liked NLH Q&A, you'll love!