Thursday, July 23, 2009

Patient Information

TRIP has typically concentrated on research evidence. However, we have recognised the usefullness of patient information leaflets and have included a variety of leaflets from around the globe. The slight problem is that, as they were only available via a separate tab, few people were aware they existed. Therefore, in the new site they'll be blended in with the main results (although they can easily be excluded from the search or the search limited to just patient information leaflets.

In preparation we have just uploaded to excellent collections of patient information leaflets (and deleted some out of date records). The new collections are:

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Martin said...

from a purely egoistical perspective: they would just distract me. I would separate information for professionals and consumers. Maybe a a different site or a the level of the entry page: why not have to search buttons: "search for health care professionals" and "search for patients and customers"? (well, I'm not shure is doing both is a good idea - users will probably search with different keywords...). The lesson from the people at my deparment who do drug consulations for doctors for a long time is not to consult patients: different questions, different language, different information need, potential conflicts)