Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Using CPD on TRIP

The CPD feature on TRIP is new, so we've created a simple walkthrough of how to use it (if the writing is too small, open in 'full' mode.


Martin said...

Is the therm CPD commonly known? (as a non-native speaker, I did not know - and if I weren't curious, I'd never have clicked it...) Besides, this slideshow is helpful (much better than a lengthy video)

Jon Brassey said...

Sorry Martin, it stands for Continuing Professional Development. Given the length of the phrase you can see why I'm tempted to use CPD!

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify - the CPD feature captures activity/reflection so that one can refer to the documentation when submitting requirements for RCP CPD requirements? Thank you -

Jon Brassey said...

Basically, if you're logged in you press the CPD/CME button under the article of interest. You then read the article and answer the reflective questions.

Once saved, these articles are recorded alongside any others. Assuming the RCP support reflective education you can export the learning and reflections in a PDF.

If that's still not clear email me: jon.brassey@tripdatabase.co