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March 2006

Nice article on search Can we know everything?

The ATTRACT site contains a wonderful counter that counts how frequently an answer has been viewed. The top five being:

1) What are the risks of flying while pregnant?
2) Is there any information on the Novasure system for treating menorrhagia?
3) Should dianette (oral contraceptive pill) only be used for 3 months in treating acne?
4) Should you treat a low Ferritin (

A post on Dean Giustini’s blog highlights Wellcome’s invitation to tender for a UK version of PubMedCentral. See Dean’s blog (click here) for more information.

Dubious question time – “What is the difference between central and peripheral vertigo?”. Is that a clinical question or an essay question? We answered it ( If it is an exam question (we’d prefer to think it wasn’t) I hope it gets good marks AND we’re referenced!!

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

A busy day for adding CAM articles. We already had numerous articles on the subject from the likes of Cochrane and Bandolier. However, we’ve now added records from:

  • The American National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
  • New Zealand Complementary and Alternative Medicine site (linked to the New Zealand Guideline Group)
  • Mayo Clinic ‘supplements’ (patient information)
  • UK Medicines Information have a small section.

We’ve also been busy adding patient information leaflets (PILS) – from the likes of PRODIGY (their new website launch has resulted in a near doubling of PILs), CancerBACUP and New Zealand Guideline Group’s consumer information.

This expansion of PILs is no doubt motivated by the free version of the site. Currently at the planning stage but more than likely they’ll be 3 separate searches – clinical information, medical images and patient information. These will be accessible in much the same way as google allows people to switch between searches for ‘web’, ‘images’, ‘groups’ etc. Essentially, a tab link above the search box.

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