Below are the top ten papers reached via the TRIP Database for March 2006.

1) Abdominal ultrasound in the diagnosis of childhood appendicitis (BestBets)
2) Geriatric Care and Treatment (SBU)
3) Osteoporosis (Patient UK)
4) Routine antenatal care for healthy pregnant women (NICE/RCOG)
5) If a patient with osteoporosis is unable to take calcium supplements, are bisphosphonates as effective as when a patient is able to take calcium supplements? (NLH Q&A Service)
6) Day Case Laproscopic Cholecystectomy (British Association of Day Surgery)
7) Evaluation of the patient with sore throat, earache, and sinusitis: an evidence based approach (DARE)
8) Burkitt Lymphoma (eMedicine)
9) Acute Pain Management (National Health and Medical Research Council)
10) Effective Medical Treatment of Opiate Addiction (NIH Consensus Statement)

I was pleased to see a NLH Q&A Service answer in the top ten – shows other people are, at least, interested in them. In March over 3,000 visits to NLH Q&A Service answers were ‘facilitated’ by the TRIP Database.