I like to analyse what people look at via TRIP. Given the Q&A services we run (ATTRACT and NLH Q&A service) I decided to see what articles users follow via TRIP – so restricted the analysis to just those two services:

– What is the duration of treatment when adding clopidogrel to routine aspirin short-term post CABG and post coronary artery stenting in IHD.
– Are influenza vaccinations effective in older people?
– *What is the length of time a patient can remain on Dianette provided that there are no contraindications?
– What are the recent guidelines/evidence regarding the treatment of prostate cancer?
– What treatments are available for someone with a ruptured Bakers cyst?
– *What is the reason for stopping dianette a few months after skin condition resolve?
– Can the drug amlodipine cause atrial fibrillation?
– What causes a yellow tongue, and what is the best available treatment?
– *What are the risks of using Dianette as an oral contraceptive, over and above the risks associated with a 3rd generation oral contraceptive pill?
– What skin preparation if any is recommended when taking blood or giving an injection?
– *What therapies are available for women with PCOS with hirsutism other than Dianette?
– *What is the recommended length of time a woman should be on Diannette for acne, should any blds be checked, should there be any break in-between treatments?

What immeadiately struck me was that of the top 12 questions 5 related to Dianette. What does that tell us about Dianette?