I was expecting some big announcements from MSN yesterday. What has come out (from here) is:

Microsoft on Wednesday announced that it will offer software for use in the health-care industry—a shift toward providing industry-specific applications instead of the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant’s typical business model of supplying operating systems, software and tools for other firms to build onto

The report later reports:

The company’s first effort under the new initiative is to buy software developed by physicians and other researchers from Washington Hospital Center, a not-for-profit hospital, according to the Times. Gates Inc. will also hire two of the three doctors who created the software system, as well as 40 members of the development group, the Times reports.

The software, called “Azyxxi,” is used to cull and rapidly display medical information on patients from a handful of sources, including EKG records, X-rays and MRI scans, according to the Times.

“This represents a change in our strategy,” said Peter Neupert, Microsoft’s vice president for health strategy, according to the Times. “This is the start for Microsoft. We’re just getting started.”